Saturday, May 28, 2011

Busy schedules??

"I'M BUSY. DON'T DISTURB ME!" We are too busy that every single day of our life we occupy with so many things. While He spend all of His time managing us humans, waiting for us to spend time with Him, we keep busy on doing other things. We spend so little time with Him. Have we ever thought, what are the things we should and supposedly be busy with?

A man came to Ibrahim ibn Adam and said, “Advise me!”
Ibrahim replied:

I advise you with five things:

1. If people busy themselves with worldly matters, 
busy yourself with next-worldly matters.

2. If people busy themselves with beautifying their outward, 
busy yourself with beautifying your inward.

3. If people busy themselves with building palaces, 
busy yourself with preparing for your grave.

4. If people busy themselves with others’ faults, 
busy yourself with your own faults.

5. If people busy themselves with serving created things, 
busy yourself with serving the Creator.

[Mention by Sulami, Muqaddima fi’l Tasawwuf, p. 69]

Just a quit checking, let us list the things we have been doing today and see the contrast. Astaghfirullahalazimm.. I can see mine! Too contrast! So peers, let us take this as an advise really by heart, Insyaallah. Let's include those purple notes in our daily schedule too!! :)